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Credit: Kamal Bennani
Location: Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

How to Make B2B Marketing Stories Bigger With Social Media Microcontent

Storytelling is a fundamentally human experience. We love to tell stories, ranging from whimsical fantasy to tense political thrillers. Some psychologists believe storytelling is actually necessary for human survival — we are hard-wired to respond to compelling narratives.

Storytelling is frequently cited as a best practice for content marketers, but what happens when your publishing space is limited? B2B social media marketers only have enough space for 1-2 sentences per post, so how can they tell a story with such little space?

When it comes to effective B2B social storytelling, it’s not about shrinking the story to fit within character limits. Rather, it’s about using social tools to make the story bigger. Here’s how you can make your story bigger on social networks:

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How to Win at B2B Video Marketing

 A video is worth far more than a thousand words – if you produce videos that drive measurable actions, they’re worth more leads, better qualified leads, and ultimately new business opportunities. Here’s how to align your video marketing to each stage of your funnel.

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The guardians of the Eiffel Tower

Credit: Kamal Bennani
Location: Paris

Using Click-to-Call to Capture Mobile Audiences

Mobile search prompted 30 billion calls to businesses in 2013, and BIA/Kelsey forecasts that number could be as high as 70 billion in 2018.

Moreover, 70% of mobile searches within Google result in a call to a business. Google Ads alone prompt 40 million calls each month. The majority of those calls last six minutes or more. Now those are qualified leads!

Those numbers reflect the staggering amount of business (and revenue) up for grabs, and your business can’t afford to miss out on those calls.

Use the following guide to start enticing your target audiences to click-to-call.

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How Social Media Advertising Affects Sales

The middle of the sales funnel is where social media advertising has the biggest impact, according to a recent report from Convertro and AOL Platforms.

The report was based on an analysis using Convertro’s multi-touch attribution technology of 500 million clicks, 15 million conversions, and three billion impressions that occurred in 1Q14.

In aggregate, social media ranked slightly ahead of display ads in driving conversions, but behind both affiliate marketing and email, the analysis found.

However, both social media and display advertising were found to significantly influence the middle of the path to purchase—defined in the report as after the initial interaction but before conversion (essentially, the awareness and research phase).

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Summer softness in Paris

Credit: Kamal Bennani
Location: Paris

20 Ways to Make Your Content More Shareable

Everything that can be said has been said before. Now, we need to find new ways of saying it.

And that’s exactly what this post aims to help you with. I’m not going to tell you to dig up some awesome story or fact that hasn’t been shared. In fact, I suggest the opposite.

Embrace the fact that you’re writing things other people are sharing. Just make it sound cooler. Write it better. Put a spin on it. Strike a chord. Produce some new research.

When it comes down to it you have two choices: Talk about a new trends, data, or publications; or write what others are writing just try to say it better.

For the best content, I recommend aiming to do both.

So, let’s dive into exactly why people share content and how you can use “sharing psychology” to create more shareable content for your brand.

Understand the Psychology of Sharing

The first step to getting people share our content is to analyze human behavior. What drives people to do things? What drives people to share content?

The most fundamental component to keep in mind is when people share content, they are getting some sort of reward for it.

What reward does your content offer them?

Second, by sharing something a person is taking partial ownership and accepting that the content reflects on them as a person. Thus, people are only going to share accurate content they feel makes them look good. Does your content do this?

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania analyzed thousands of pieces of content that was shared to understand the psychology behind why people share. Between that study andthis article from Association for Psychological Science, we can deduce the following reasons why people share content.

  • Positive articles are more likely to be shared
  • People like to share articles that elicit “awe” reaction
  • Sharing content is used as a way to establish an emotional connection with others
  • People share content on topics that define who they are and what their beliefs are
  • Content is shared because it evokes emotional stimuli, whether positive or controversial

From there we can build content that speaks to human psychology and start down the road to creating more shareable content.

How to Make Your Content More Shareable

Once you’ve got a good grasp on why people share, it is time to apply this knowledge to your own content creation process.

shutterstock 117252700 760x570 20 Ways to Make Your Content More Shareable

There is no general rule that works for every brand. I think marketing is a grey world and I never like to draw black and white lines. Rather, take into consideration the following 20 ways to help make your content more shareable and implement the ones that resonate with you and your brand.

1. Write With Personality

Jot down a style guide for yourself. Think about your company’s personality, values, and quirks, and then think of your own personality and weave them all together into one awesome voice for your brand. Write in the first person and add personality and life experience to your posts.

People are more apt to emotionally connect to your content when they feel like they are connecting to the writer. Remember, one of the biggest reasons people share a piece of content is because they are connected with it on an emotional level.

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The New Pinterest Analytics Tool: How To Use It for Business

Are you struggling to measure your Pinterest efforts?

Do you want an easier way to track pins and engagement?

The new Pinterest Analytics tool gives you access to a variety of data, including how potential customers interact with your pins beyond your website.

In this article I’ll share how the new Pinterest Analytics features help you get the most out of your Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest Analytics Overview

Pinterest’s original analytics tool only shared information about how users interact with the Pin It button installed on your website. Unfortunately, those stats couldn’t give you a complete picture of whether your overall Pinterest efforts were working.

The newest Analytics features give you access to quite a bit more data, such as stats on engagement beyond your Pin It button. Now you can track actions that originate from your Pinterest profile—including boards and the pins you share (whether the pins are from your own website or not).

new pinterest analytics

Check out new features found in the new Pinterest Analytics.

Why is this important? Many successful pinners spend more time curating and sharing content from websites other than their own.

The updated Pinterest Analytics tool gives you the data you need to see the bigger picture and determine where to spend your time and effort to maximize your presence on Pinterest.

The Pinterest Analytics Dashboard

To gain access to Pinterest’s new analytics, you must have a Pinterest business account. When that’s in place, head over to your analytics dashboard.

Your Pinterest Analytics dashboard shows an overview of the three main categories:Your Pinterest Profile, Your Audience and Activity From (Your Website). You can click on each category to see additional details and have a better idea of how your Pinterest efforts are paying off.

new analytics features

New features include three categories overflowing with data.

The bottom of the page features your five Top Pin Impressions from the past 30 days. At a glance you can see how many repins, clicks and likes these pins have and whether they are rich pins.

Below I’ll go through the main analytics categories and show you what you can find in each.

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A Parisian Sunset

Credit: Kamal Bennani
Location: Paris

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