How to Find Great Content to Share — 3 Techniques to Help You Fill In Your Company’s Timeline

Besides interacting with customers, filling in the social media stream for their brands and clients is one of the main responsibilities of the community manager/social media manager.It’s their job to provide the community with interesting, useful and entertaining content. It’s the best way to give value to the audience and make them ha glad for […]

The Ultimate Guide to Competing with Content

I have some depressing news for you. Your prospects, customers, and leads do not wake up every morning in breathless anticipation of your blog posts or ebooks. Nope, that kind of anticipation is reserved for Jay-Z albums and J.K. Rowling novels, so you can’t just craft a single blog post or video and think you’re […]

Content Marketing Minds: Ingredients of the Tastiest Content [Nutrition Label]

Content marketing’s shifted into full tilt boogie. Everyone’s into it. And I don’t just mean every company; sometimes it’s everyone in the company. The assistant pencil licker in the customer support department sketched out a plan to create the “Ultimate Guide to Pencil Licking.” It seems like a can’t miss idea, but darn it, page […]