How to Use Pinterest Messages for Marketing

Do you want a new way to engage your Pinterest followers?

Have you used Pinterest Messages?

Pinterest’s newest feature lets you communicate directly with your followers via private message.

In this article I’ll explore Pinterest Messages and how you can use it to engage your audience.

Why Pinterest Messages?

Pinterest Messages is similar to the messaging and chat options you’re used to onother social platforms. You can contact a pinner directly on Pinterest, or unlike other social channels, you can send your message to the pinner’s email address.

pinterest messages for marketing

Find out how to use Pinterest Messages for marketing.

However, you can only contact pinners if they are following at least one of your boards.

Since Pinterest doesn’t have the equivalent of a Facebook business page, messaging is the best option for sharing content directly with another user. Before Pinterest introduced their Messages feature, marketers had to engage with users via comments on individual pins.

Considering Pinterest’s continued growth and high click-through rate, their new message option may prove to be a more practical tool for social engagement than any other social channel’s messaging option.

Pinterest Messages Basics

You can find Pinterest Messages by clicking the notification icon next to your Pinterest profile name (top right corner) and clicking Messages.

pinterest messages inbox

Click Messages to get started.

Click the + to start a new message, and then type the name of the pinner you want to contact. If you’re not sure whether someone follows you, open a separate browser tab and visit your profile to double-check.

new pinterest message

Type the pinner’s name in the box to send him or her a message.

After you type the recipient’s name, click Next and a message box appears in the bottom left corner of your screen. You’ll also see any other open messages. The message box stays open for as long as you’re on the Pinterest site (or until you close it).

new pinterest message

You can include pins and regular text in your message.

Since it’s Pinterest, it makes sense that your message can be a mixture of text and images. The option to drag a pin into your message is front and center. If you want to include text, you can type it in the box at the bottom.

Tip: You can drag more than one pin into your message box!

Now that you have the basics down, here’s how you can start using Pinterest messages to connect with your followers.

#1: Connect With Engaged Pinners

Watch your notifications and make a note of which boards and pins your followers seem to enjoy most. You may find a few pinners who particularly stand out because they consistently like or repin your content.

Create a list of those pinners and group them by interest so you can message each of them with a pin you think they’d love. It’s best to message each follower directly for an added personal touch.

pinterest message

Send pins based on your followers’ previous responses to your pins and repins.

When you send your message, include a clear call to action. Invite pinners to visit one of your other boards to find content similar to the pin(s) you sent them, or invite them to visit the page where the content originated (your website would be ideal).

Of course, your call to action will differ from campaign to campaign, but the idea is always the same: Engage followers, introduce them to additional content and invite them to interact with you.

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