How to Adapt to the Changing Face of Marketing

Changing Face of Marketing How to Adapt to the Changing Face of Marketing

In the changing face of marketing, it’s fair to say that social media has turned the world of marketing upside down in the last couple of years. While the basic principles of marketing still apply, the face of marketing has changed beyond recognition. Some old marketing channels are no longer efficient and social media continues to present one marketing game changer after the other.

As a business, how do you respond to the rapidly changing face of marketing? While traditional marketing was mostly one-way communication, social media has redefined marketing as an active dialogue between businesses and customers. Should you abandon conventional marketing tools in favor of social media? Or should you try a balancing act between social media and traditional marketing? In this post, I present my opinion on how businesses should cope up with the ever changing face of marketing.

Same Principles, Better Execution

The golden rules of marketing still work wonders and social media marketing is no exception to that rule. Ensure that you have a good product, price it reasonably, provide appealing information and try to engage a customer without being too pushy. Marketing is all about what a product is. Unfortunately, most companies market products as they want them to be.

I strongly feel that if you stick to the basics of marketing and leverage the reach of social media, your marketing campaigns will yield good results. The explosion of social media has evolved communication and marketers can now create value propositions to generate market appeal, attract and retain customers, and drive sales.

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