How Social Media Automation Can Save You Time and Money

Not too long ago, the extent of most small businesses’ online strategies involved deciding what their website should look like. Now there are far more things to consider. There is the question of SEO to help boost you up the results pages. There’s content marketing, e-commerce options, and—increasingly—the valuable but time consuming task of social media marketing.

Given the fact that almost three quarters of adult internet users now regularly use at least one social media platform, social media marketing provides a unique and unparalleled opportunity to engage with your customer base.

Consumers often use social media as an “assist” for purchasing when trying to determine the legitimacy and reputation of a product, with 61% of shoppers conducting online research before making a purchase. Word of mouth referrals are common and your social media profiles are an ideal way to spread your brand message and build lasting relationships with your customers.

Social media can have benefits in both SEO and relationship-building terms, but it can be time-consuming. This is turn means devoting resources to the task–whether that involves paying an employee or freelancer or devoting your own time which could be better spent elsewhere.

shutterstock 1373321482 760x506 How Social Media Automation Can Save You Time and Money

Automating some aspects of your social media marketing can drastically cut down the time you spend. But it’s important to know when and when not to automate.

Tasks to Automate

Social media has become a part of most people’s daily lives. It can be fun, diverting, and informative, but when you are using it for business purposes do so with a goal in mind. Like any business process, you’ll want to streamline it as much as possible and to achieve the best results.

Some social media tasks are easier to automate than others. You’ll certainly want to share your posts across multiple social media platforms, increasing the value and potential reach of each one. You can also schedule certain posts to go live even when you are offline. This keeps your profile active, and prevents you from having to break off from doing something else in order to make a post. It can be particularly useful when dealing with markets in different time zones.

You can also use automation to find strong sources of industry-specific content that your audience is likely to enjoy. This means you won’t have to spend valuable time creating every piece of content that you post.

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