Boosting Your Social Media in the B2B World

Boosting Your Social Media in the B2B World

We’re all aware of the power social media holds in the B2C world, but executing successful B2B campaigns has proved to be more of a challenge. Why is it that B2B marketers are still struggling to use social media to generate revenue for their businesses?

When B2B lead generation is the primary focus, marketers have historically allocated very little time or resources towards engaging their audience through social media and have therefore overlooked its potential to generate higher quality leads at a lower cost. The recent shift toward a focus on content marketing has B2B marketers reevaluating its potential, and in the next five years B2B social marketing budgets are projected to double.

The growing percentage of B2B companies adopting B2C strategies has been described as the consumerization of B2B marketing. Online and self-service transactions have risen 57 percent, and utilization of B2C best practices to improve the customer experience is up 44 percent. Investing in tools, such as marketing automation software from companies like CallidusCloud, have traditional B2B marketing firms aligning their efforts to maximize the quality of their leads. B2B customers have already taken themselves through 70-90 percent of the buying cycle before they even begin to engage with a sales representative, so it’s more important than ever that marketers are paying attention to the image they portray on social media.

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