4 ways and 14 tactics to drive more revenue with the power of community

Knowing what your customers think about you and your brand is clearly invaluable information, but you’d be surprised by how many companies build for themselves rather than for their customers’ needs. Yes, we all like to work on projects we’re passionate about, but a business needs to be profitable (eventually), or at least break even for now.

Here’s how listening to what current and potential customers are saying will help you build and grow revenue for your business.

1. Lead generation

Pay attention to conversations around keywords related to your brand to identify potential customers and the problems and needs they’re trying to solve for. Use this as an opportunity to join in the conversation and build a valuable relationship.

Front, a tool for sharing company email accounts, was able to recruit 15 high quality beta users every week with this approach.

We take this approach at Mention by monitoring the keywords “social media strategy” and “social media tools,” among others and join these conversations in a helpful manner, making ourselves available for any questions. As a result,approximately 20% of our leads have been generated via social media and blog comments.

Mention tweet copy 4 ways and 14 tactics to drive more revenue with the power of community

How to generate leads with media monitoring:

  • Select targeted, relevant keywords: Brainstorm potential keywords with your team; ask friends what words they would use when researching a product; check out conversations happening on forums and social groups for the terms they’re using.
  • Join in on the conversation: Once you’ve identified who would benefit from your offering, join in. Be friendly, helpful, and avoid being overly pushy. Most importantly, ask questions to learn more about their needs and interests.
  • Follow up: It’s one thing to tell a person about your product, it’s another to make sure they actually gave it a try. Check your database to see if someone you’ve had a conversation with signed up, then shoot them a brief email asking how things are going, if there’s anything you can do to help.

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