How to Create Sharable Social Media Images: 3 Powerful Tools

Do you include sharable images with your articles and updates?

Can you create them yourself, or do you think you lack design skills?

It doesn’t make sense to hire a graphic designer every time you need an image.

In this article I’ll show you three online design tools to make your own sharable images–no formal design skills necessary.

3 tools to create social media images

Find 3 tools to create social media images.

#1: Create Reusable Images With Layers

Canva is an online tool built by designers who had non-designers in mind. When you open your account, Canva offers a quick tutorial and five Starter Challenges to get you going. You can also check out the other design tutorials on the home page–each one takes about three minutes.

This particular design tool is an excellent choice if you want to create a template and then switch out the background, text or other elements as needed. And because Canva saves your work in layers, you can go back and make changes hours, days or months later.

If you need inspiration for a new image, take a look at Canva’s Editor’s Picks on the home page. When you get going, don’t worry about making a mistake. Canva makes it easy to experiment and change things as you go along. When you’re done, you cansave your work right on your home page.

canva image tool

Canva home page with design inspiration under Editor’s Picks.

You’ll find lots of flexibility with Canva. They offer free and paid options for backgrounds, icons and pictures—or as with most design tools, you can upload your own images.

Canva’s paid options are only $1. Once you buy them, they’re only available for 24 hours and for one project only. Canva’s inexpensive photos are a great time-saver and can make the difference between ho-hum and amazing.

To find an image, click in the search box and choose the type of image you’re looking for. For example, to find the Twitter icon below, I chose Buttons and searched for Twitter. If you’re doing an article on Pinterest and creating your image in Canva, you can search for ‘Pinterest’ and you’ll get other icon options.

canva created image

I created this image in 10 minutes. Fast and easy!

Want to change the color of something—your text, perhaps? Click on the text and then click the color circles to change colors easily. Canva doesn’t have a color picker (a dropper to select colors already in your image), but they do have a color wheel under the +.

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