What’s the Right Social Platform for You? Is There Just One? (Infographic)

The internet is becoming a more social place every day – and I’m not just referring to the Internet of Things. Social activity on the internet (“of people”) is growing rapidly. According to a new infographic from Merchant Money, “Approximately 75% of all internet users are a member of at least one social network.” Assuming the accuracy of 2.92 billion internet users, that means there are 2.19 billion social media users across the globe.

Connecting Users With Your Brand

The only question is, how do you choose the right social media platform for connecting with the users that matter for your brand? First, let’s take a quick look at some of the social media marketing infographic’s highlights:

  • Social networking is the #1 activity on the web.
  • Social media increases brand awareness, allows you to receive vital feedback, allows for valuable relationships that would not otherwise be possible, and lets you share products, news, and ideas.

What Social Media Options Are Available?

Social media networks can be primarily classified as “Profile-based” or “Visual-based.” Profile networks include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Visual-based networks are YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine.

Of course, not everyone uses all networks. So, the first step to social media marketing success is determining where your audience hangs out, and focusing on these networks exclusively. The infographic below can help you discover where your audience is and how to connect.

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