18 Resources to Help You Become Amazing at Acquiring New Customers

An effective user acquisition strategy is the holy grail for many marketers, whether it be a mix of channels that generate a constant flow of new users at a sustainable cost or a clever tactic that gives a new product a boost in users in a short period of time.

If you’re looking for ideas for your product launch strategy or need some inspiration as you test new user acquisition channels, this post will make things a lot easier for you. I’ve compiled the best resources from across the web on user acquisition into one place so that you don’t have to spend hours digging through content.

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Stories From The Trenches: How Successful Startups Acquired Users & Customers

1. How Mint Grew to 1.5 Million Users and Sold for $170 Million in Just 2 Years
Mint, the darling of personal finance apps, launched in September 2007 and quickly experienced exponential growth. By 2009, when Intuit acquired Mint, the application had over 1 million users and was adding a few thousand new users each day. Four years later, by the end of 2013, Mint had over 10 million users.

How did they do it?

This post offers a detailed breakdown of the growth strategy that catapulted Mint to success. The company did a lot of things right, but there are a few tactics that stand out to me: their focus on SEO via Mint Answers and blogging, which accounted for 20% of total new users; their production of educational infographics; and their clever use ofincentives.

2. How We Acquired 100K Early Bird Signups with Zero Marketing Budget
I’ve probably read this article at least 10 times. When I was researching and strategizing for my first product launch, this post by Realtime Boardserved as a springboard for planning our overall marketing and user acquisition strategy. I adapted many of the tactics described here to fit our product and saw great results, particularly from focusing on our existing network and earning reviews and blog posts from users. Don’t miss this gem!

3. User Acquisition, from the trenches
Sendwithus co-founder Matt Harris describes the startup’s user acquisition strategy in this post on his blog. They had great success early-on by partnering with more established companies like SendGrid and MailChimp and then posting on their partners’ support forums in order to add even more value.

Matt points out that cold emails can be effective, but only when they are highly-targeted. Don’t just send them to anyone you think might be interested in your product––Sendwithus focused on companies whose product they had used and noticed that their transactional emails could be better.

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