Practical Tips to Reach More People on Social Media

Are you concerned about the number of people you are reaching on social media? Unless you are a major influencer, the answer to that is probably ‘yes’ (Well, on the second thought, any influencer would like to reach more as well :)). Even if you have tens of thousands of followers, regular growth on your social platforms are necessary to remain relevant in the medium. You want more than just numbers, you want engagement.

Unfortunately, social media isn’t like other realms. It is constantly changing and adapting, matching the tone, use and needs of the majority. Everyone has their own means of using social media, and you can’t appeal to them all. You can only hope to target your own individual audience, and keep them coming back, and sharing, so you expand your network organically.

The very fact that services providing follows for pay are so alarmingly popular shows a lack of understanding of the natural ebb and flow of these sites. They mistake a heavy follower number as the be all and end all. It puts a damper on their results, because it is focusing on the wrong element that makes social media so successful as a marketing tool.

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