How to Use Data to Make Smarter Marketing Decisions

Take a moment to step back and contemplate all of the things we, as marketers, are responsible for. Content creation, SEO, email marketing, PPC, social media, lead generation, analytics … the list is never-ending. Where do we find the time, budget, and resources to do it all?

The answer is: We don’t necessarily have to.

Doing stuff just to say you’re doing it isn’t a good enough reason. Instead, you should figure out which parts of your marketing plan are working, and then focus on and improve those parts — and then you can start to tackle those other marketing channels.

Sometimes it’s a matter of digging into your data, pinpointing what’s working and what isn’t, and then cutting out the things that aren’t working as well. Let’s walk through a few different ways data can help you do that.

Look at Attribution by Channel

It’s important to have a good idea of the number of leads generated by each marketing channel. Are your customers finding you and converting via social media? Email marketing? PPC? As you plan future marketing campaigns, this information will be extremely useful in helping you allocate your resources.

For example, let’s say you’re working on your budget and want to figure out whether to invest more resources in email marketing or social media. To figure this out, you’ll need to know exactly how many leads each of those channels are driving — not just the number of visits they bring in to your site.

HubSpot customers: You can pull an Attribution Report to see what sources are converting the greatest number of people. In the example below, you’ll see that social media has driven 308 leads, while email marketing has only driven 74. In this case, you may decide it makes more sense to invest in social media if you’re focused on lead generation.


If you don’t have HubSpot, use your analytics or marketing software to pull some of the same data. You may need to do some manipulation in Excel after exporting your data.

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