How to retarget your audience with native advertising

You’ve likely done this yourself: You visit a website, add a few products to your shopping cart and then get sidetracked by an email, a phone call or a meeting. Next thing you know, you’ve completely forgotten about your potential purchase.

Even when you were so close to making a purchase, you completely lost interest in the website and may have ended up making the purchase elsewhere or completing some other type of conversion.

A major challenge for online business owners and marketers is holding the attention of consumers until they’ve made a conversion.

One way of re-engaging your recent web visitors, existing customers, subscribers of your email list, mobile app users and other individuals who have interacted with your organization in some capacity is through retargeting.

Retargeting people who have recently interacted with your brand with a relevant ad is a highly effective way to reach these users wherever else they are active online.

Display advertising is one of the most commonly used forms of retargeting, but over time, its effectiveness has severely diminished because of the oversaturation of many websites with these types of ads.

According to comScore, only 8 percent of internet users account for 85 percent of clicks on display ads, and about 50 percent of clicks on mobile ads are accidental says GoldSpot Media.

This is likely because most display ads disrupt a user experience even if they are retargeting a person who recently interacted with your business.

display advertising vs native advertising How to retarget your audience with native advertising

Source: Sharethrough

The alternative to display advertising is using native advertising to retarget the right audience.

Retargeting with native advertising is when a piece of relevant content is sponsored or created by a business to engage a member of their community as part of the regular experience a person is having on a publication, mobile app, social network or elsewhere.

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