5 Ways to Boost Your Twitter Engagement

Is your Twitter engagement lagging?

Are you looking for tips to get your numbers back up?

A few simple tweaks can get you more attention and interaction on Twitter.

In this article you’ll discover five ways to improve your tweets and up your engagement.

boost twitter engagement

Find 5 ways to boost Twitter engagement.

#1: Refine Your Twitter Bio

The most important thing you can do on Twitter is optimize your bio.

Even if people never read a single tweet, they’ll see your bio. And when they do, they’ll make a snap decision about whether to follow you.To put your best foot forward,include your occupation (e.g., Internet marketer or consultant), the types of updates you share (e.g., social media stats or killer marketing tips) and even hobbies (but perhaps avoid the all-time overused bio description “coffee lover”!).

A guy like Jeff Bullas, for example, knows the importance of a bio and has optimized his completely.

jeff bullas twitter bio

Your bio should clearly tell people what you do and why they should follow you.

His profile is top-loaded with the most important terms for his niche and abilities (like “Social Media Marketing” and “Strategist & Speaker”). He sprinkles in some bragging—mentions in Forbes and the Huffington Post—to establish his credibility. Perfect.

If you want people in your niche to find and follow you, include the right keywordsand all of the right details.

#2: Act Human

People respond to people. In order to invite feedback and deepen engagement, it’s essential to be a real person—relaxed and approachable. One of the worst things you can do on Twitter (or any social network) is to be a boring automaton. If you insist on sharing dry, boring updates, you can’t expect to gain traffic.

For example, what do you think of this Twitter update? “EComm Industry Int’l Inc. predicts 250% increase in monthly revenue due to new product rollout. Read the entire industry report.”

Really engaging stuff, right? Actually, it could be. It just needs a little more spin: “Whoa! We just released the #Zinger product, and I was blown away by the uptick in revenue. Check out the stats!”

Another sure way to increase engagement is to be funny. Don’t be shy about adding some levity to social media—humor can shatter corporate stiffness.

hubspot humor tweet

Take a new tack and focus on funny.

The recent #AppleLive hashtag sparked conversation and got a lot of attention. To stand out a bit, HubSpot gathered the funniest tweets about the event and shared them. Since people love to be entertained, HubSpot knew it was very likely they’d get a boost in interaction.

Of course, don’t forget pictures. Visual content is the way to go on social—viewers and fans react to images faster than they do to text. If you can catch their eye with a picture that clearly conveys the main point of your content, they’re more likely to pay attention to your update. Go visual, and you’ll get more traffic.

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