Moving The Dial With Curated Content

If you are in marketing today, chances are content is a large part of your marketing strategy. With curated content, a website gathers information from across the Internet and reposts it, either in whole or in part. As some businesses have discovered, it is  possible to fill your webpage and social media sites with content that will go beyond boosting your search engine rankings.

Companies like Dell have learned they can boost their own content by reposting content found around the internet. Recent studies have shown the growth of content marketing and help to break the most common types of curated content.

shutterstock 178058333 760x760 Moving The Dial With Curated Content

Curated content has evolved as Google has tightened algorithms to prevent abuses. At one time, a site could simply repurpose content to improve a site’s relevance and rank well in search results. Today, however, Google will penalize posts it sees as duplicate content. This makes it more important than ever for businesses to use a combination of curated and regular content by adding original thoughts to their content.

[Editor’s Note: For more on SEO and content curation, Eric Enge’s has an enlightening post onSEW.]

With regular content, you’re required to spend valuable time creating new articles and blog posts each day. Through curated content, however, you can repurpose interesting content found throughout the internet and save time, while still improving your rankings.

Here are a few ways curated content can help your online presence.

Establish Authority with Your Audience

When you choose content, you likely select articles you know will interest others in your industry. The search engines will note this and reward you for it, since it will establish your site as an authority on your chosen topic. In addition to the value it will add to your site, it will also help you learn and grow within your industry, since you’ll be regularly alerted to any news that impacts your industry.

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