An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Simplified Tech Tools

Tech Tools An Entrepreneurs Guide to Simplified Tech Tools

Tech tools made to simplify your business could be catalyst for growth in today’s business environment. The fact is, mall businesses are growing. In fact, 54 percent of all U.S. sales come from our 23 million small businesses, and the number of small businesses in the U.S. increased 49 percent since 1982, according to The Small Business Association. We live in culture where small companies and startups are revered and innovation is rewarded. But that doesn’t mean entrepreneurship and running a business is simple, let alone easy.

While every company has a unique set of needs, one thing remains the same. All companies need customers and revenue to keep it going. Get a round-up of tools to simplify your needs from tracking analytics to marketing your business to keep your company running smoothly.


Don’t get bogged down in the minutia of task management, checking-in on projects and weekly status reports. Asana works to streamline projects from start to finish. Set-up a task for your team and drag and drop the task through different stages from idea to revision to completion. Instead of sending out emails to various team members to see where things stand, log into Asana to get the whole picture whenever you need it.

Although Asana isn’t just a time and task management tool, it eliminates the need for email. Companies with vendors and artisans in remote locations can still use Asana even if they’re not using email.


The sheer amount of data from traffic stats to email newsletter sign-ups to PayPal invoices can paralyze even the most savvy entrepreneur. Review all your key metrics and data in one place withGeckoboard and communicate it across your entire company. Giving your team access to the right information can motivate them and allow them to act on facts instead of guessing. The data works in real-time so you can react quickly and resolve issues before they spiral out of control and negatively impact your business.

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