How to Double Your Email List With Facebook in 4 Simple Steps

Facebook has over 30 million businesses with Facebook pages which are both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses trying to reach new customers.

Jeff Bullas has built his email list using Facebook with over 30,000 fans engaging with his content. Running a contest on Facebook has helped him build his email list and reach new audiences. Jeff understands that once he has captured an email address, he can use email marketing to turn his fans into customers.

Heyo contests have been used by self starters like Jeff to capture thousands of emails from Facebook. Small businesses love using Heyo to build their email list and often achieve conversion rates over 50%.

This article will show you how you can easily run a contest on Facebook and double your email list.

Step 1: Pick a Facebook contest builder

There are infinite ways to build your leads on the internet. For Facebook, Heyo is by far the best way to engage your existing fans and reach new audiences. Heyo has been used by over 100,000 small business globally and has been around since 2010. So many companies chose to use Heyo to build their email lists for the following reasons and more:

  • Customer care team complete with phone and live chat support

  • Easy to use drag-and-drop contest builder

  • Never restricted by the number of fans you have or email leads you capture

  • Email Marketing Integrations to easily build your email list

  • No contract, no commitments. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime

If you chose to signup for Heyo with this walkthrough, you’ll get a free 7 day trial and a discounted price of $25/mo for 12 months to run unlimited Facebook contests for a full year. Get started setting up your first Facebook contest with Heyo by signing up for the free trial through this link and following the walkthrough below.

Step 2: Set up your Facebook contest

First, you’ll need to sign up for the Heyo free trial on the right hand side of the page as shown below.


Next you’ll need to select the Facebook contest template you would like to start with. Upon signing up you will be prompted to select a template. Click ‘Run a Social Contest’ and then find Sweepstakes on the right hand sidebar. The Sweepstakes Template Heyo’s highest converting and most popular Facebook contest template.

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