Passage des princes, Paris


The Passage des Princes is a Parisian walkway located in the second district.

Despite the transformations of Paris operated by Baron Haussmann, which took away many passages, a decree of September 3, 1860 authorized the opening of this passage. He was the last walkway built in Paris at the time of Haussmann.

The banker Jules Mires bought the “Grand Hotel des Princes and Europe,” palace located 97 rue de Richelieu, and a plot to build a passage constituting a shortcut for pedestrians. It was a fairly simple decor gallery surmounted by a canopy double slope punctuated each span by double metal arches forming arabesques. The passage was opened in 1860 under the name Mires passage. Property in 1866 of the Insurance Company on life, has since become the AGF, the passage was destroyed in 1985 to a real estate transaction but was rebuilt identically by architects A. and A. Mrowiec Georgel. However the open angle it formed original was then straightened to form a right angle. Various elements of the original decor were then reused as a beautiful dome in 1930 decorated with pink colored glass reinstalled on the portion located near the boulevard of the Italians. This small passage contains nowadays teaches JouéClub divided into sections in all the old stores to preserve the original integrity.

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