I’m Kamal Bennani, I’m fortunate to live in Paris where beauty is all around us. I’m relatively new in the photography world and I try to capture the beauty here and there.

Thank for visiting my blog and enjoy life.


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  1. Dear Kamal — I appreciate you are following me, it means l lot to me. You have a wonderful and brilliant page. I have one question, where are you from originally? How many languages do you speak? I look forward to hearing from you;


    • Hello Miran. Many thanks for your appreciation. I’m originally from Morocco. I went to France for my high school studies and now I’m living in Paris. I speak French, English & a little bit Arabic. All the best πŸ™‚

  2. Shukran / Merci Beaucoup Kamal – I am humbled and flattered to know you. I speak 7 languages, I am originally from Jerusalem. May God Bless you and bring you much more success!

  3. I speak Arabic, Hebrew, French, Armenian, Turkish, English, Greek – 4 languages learned in the school before graduation, we have one of the top and advance education programs!

  4. Kamal. Ah, Paris!!!!!!!!!! No wonder….the most beautiful city on earth!!! My wife & I were last there Sept 2013…..See my post “France 2013” in the right margin archives under both Travel & also under October 3013 on my excuseusforliving.com Phil

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  6. Sabah al-khair, Kamal. Thank you for visiting Chatty Kerry. You are an excellent photographer and I am rushing off to work now (time difference) but look properly later. Au revoir. K x

  7. Hi Kamal, What a wonderful historical and cultural experience it is to visit your archive of photos! The pictures and captions are very educational. I may use some of them, with credit to you, in teaching my face-to-face history classes at Yavapai College.

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